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Lease Negotiation

A lease is a legally binding document, allowing occupation of a property for an agreed period of time.  

Lease terms through negotiation, can be structured in a way that benefits you and your business. 

Whilst you can have a go yourself, ask yourself whether you have the technical lease knowledge, negotiating expertise and time, to achieve the best outcome?

The commercial property industry can be extremely landlord biased and unrepresented tenants can easily, and unknowingly, fall foul of poorly negotiated leases.  Often with financial implications attached. 

This doesn’t have to be you.

You might be thinking, that you don’t need to worry, as the commercial property agent you’ve been speaking to, seems helpful enough.  A word of caution, the agent’s role is to market the property for the landlord and negotiate the best deal for them.  Not for you.

It’s not in their interest to point out, what has been missed, where a mistake has been made OR where you can do better.

If you can’t rely on the agent, you may now be thinking that your solicitor can help.  However, by the time the deal gets to your solicitor, negotiations have normally taken place, and the damage might have already been done. 

It is harsh, but there is no second chance to get your lease terms right.

Have someone in your corner, fighting for you in lease negotiations, guiding you through this process, to ensure the lease is weighted in your favour.

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